3 Tips & 8 Tools on Generating Content Marketing Topics

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alexmangrolia_wThere are a lot of times when you get stuck in trying to figure out what to write about. I get it, you have serious writers block. You might one day have a slew of topics at the top of your head, but then when you sit down to write, you draw a complete blank.  Here are some tips and tools to really get you on the right path to producing amazing content.

3 Tips on Content Marketing Topic Generation

  1. Use Evernote: You might think that you have a good note taking tool on your phone, but when it comes to Evernote everything fails in comparison. No, I’m not getting paid by the company to say that, but I am being truly genuine on using it. There are times you might be reading an article or even just have a great idea, you can either bookmark the article OR you can make a quick note in it.
  2. Record your conversations: Yes, it might seem a bit creepy to record sales calls and information, but anytime you talk about your business to anyone you are giving away content. You can take that content and turn it into a blog post, edit the audio and make a YouTube video. There are a lot of uses of the information. You might discover that you have every client or customer asking you the same exact thing, take the information and create a blog post.
  3. FAQs & FUQs: You want to really start here. If someone is asking you a question, then I bet that someone else would actually be using some search to find an answer for the same thing. There are also times where you might wish someone would have really asked you a question before buying the product or service, because now they are complaining and trying to cancel on you, these are critical mass questions that you should really write about.

8 Content Marketing Research Tools

There is a slew of research tools out in the market. Here is a list of them that will help you get moving

1. Google Adwords: Keyword Tool
By now you should be familiar with the tool from the SEO series. You can actually use this tool by typing in a few of your keywords and doing a scan over. There is a lot of information generated that you can use to write amazing blog posts. Make sure you scan the “Keyword Ideas” tab. I typed in “Content Marketing” and here is what I got:

2015-07-11 09_22_37-Keyword Planner – Google AdWords

2. Soolve: This tool is really cool. You start off with several of the largest search engines in the web and you can it will allow you to do a search query with the a click. Essentially, it will allow you to look at what pulls up for Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, amazon.com & answers.com. You type in your phrase and click to go directly to the search engine and see the results. This is great to just browse around and just start wrapping your head around some ideas of what people might be doing. I do highly suggest you use Evernote when using this tool, it will help you curate content and information.

2015-07-11 10_05_04-Soovle - Let the web help.

3. Ubersuggest.org: The reason why I love this tool is that it allows for information drill down. It not only provides options but allows you to really drill down into some specifics. You can take this information and really start from a broad topic and start drilling down into much heavier specifics. You can even create a series of blog posts with the information. Once again I typed in “content marketing” into the ubersuggest tool and here is what I was able to drill down into for “content marketing & SEO”

2015-07-11 09_44_46-Keyword suggestion tool — Google suggest scraper — Übersuggest

4. Bottlenose: I can’t say that I’ve used this tool, but from what I found it allows you to get to the center of the news and branching related information. If you’re from Bottlenose and have more to say, then contact me and we can talk. I would love to write more about your tool to share.

5. Topix: If you’re a local business or you just want to know what’s in the news in your area, this is a great place to go. When it comes to being in a local market you cannot underestimate the power of writing for your geographic area. If you use this tool for your local marketing, then you might want to consider writing comments or even blog posts about the information you get about your local area.

6. Quora: This is an amazing place to scan for content ideas. Quora is a Q&A forum where people ask all of their questions and get professionals to answer. Feel free to jump in and give your opinion as well. I love to search the forum, not just for the overarching question, but read through the comments and see if there was something that was left out of the answer from the start.

7. LinedIn Discussions: Yes, you have to join LinkedIn to get in here. You want to do one very specific thing here, scan over the discussions for topic ideas. I bet you that there are questions asked all the time in good groups. Yes, there are bad groups of just people who shill and don’t provide value, so you want to really make sure to find good quality and active groups.

8. Buzzsumo: This is probably the most talked about. You do have to pay for it, but it is well worth it. Buzzsumo will provide you with a list of articles and information and how much they were shared. You might be able to use it to create a blog post that either counters the information that was provided OR even take the information and expand on it to provide more value.


Keep thinking and keep writing. Your next big content idea might be right around the corner. Even if it’s not, there are a lot of tools out there to really help you get on the right path. Tell me about your experiences and any tools that you use in the comments below. Please also share this information with your friends, family, co-workers (even if you don’t like them!).




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