How to Add Content to Pages or Posts in WordPress

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Adding Content to WordPressNow we are really getting to the meat and potatoes of your website. How do you add content to pages and posts to your WordPress site?

The Difference between Posts & Pages

The very first thing you want to know is that there is a difference between your Pages and your Posts. Think of Pages as the place where you place your company information. ie., About Us, Services, Contact Us, etc.

The Posts section is where your blog is at. In this case I use the posts to place all the guides and articles that I write for my readers. You can see below a snapshot of the posts and the pages buttons.


Wordpress post vs pages

Adding Content to Pages & Posts

Regardless of whether you are adding content to your pages or your posts, it is pretty much the same. There are a few exceptions in posts, but we won’t get into that right now. Click on the “Posts” or “Pages” button on the left menu (you’ll click on whichever you want to add content too).

Step 1: Add New

On the top left you will see a “Add New” button, go ahead and click on that button
Adding New post or page button


Step 2: “Enter Title Here”

Depending on what you want to call the page or post you will enter in a title. In this case my title for the post is “How to Add Content to Pages or Posts in WordPress”.

Adding a Title to WordPress

Step 3: The WYSIWYG Bar (What You See Is What You Get)

This is the bar you see right above the text box (the box where you will place content in), most of the time you will need to click on the “Toggle Toolbar” to get the full view.  Think of this bar as the same bar you see in a Word document file. It allows you to make things bold, italicized, add links, center, spell check, etc.
WYSIWYG Highlight

Note: Make sure that you have the “Visual” tab clicked on and not the “Text” tab. Unless you know HTML code and want to edit the content in HTML.

WordPress Visual Tab vs Text Tab

Step 4: Add Your Content

Now you can add your content to the text box and format it as you see fit.

WordPress Text Box

Step 5: Saving or Publishing

On the right side of the screen you will see a box that says “Publish”. This magical box will give you different publishing options for your content.

Here are a few of the options you have with your content:
Option 1: If you are not done with the content and you just want to save it then click on the “Save Draft” button.

Save Draft Button in WordPress

Option 2: If you want to view the post, then you can click on the “Preview” button.

Preview post button in WordPress


Option 3: If you want to publish it right away, then click on the “Publish” button.

WordPress Publish Post Button

Option 4: If you want to publish the post for the future, then click on the “Edit” button, next to the “Publish Immediately” and you can select the date and time. Once you’ve changed the time of the post you will click on “Ok” and the blue “Publish” button will change to a “Schedule” button.

WordPress Future publishWordPress Schedule Post

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