How to Add Images to Your WordPress Site

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wordpress-graphicNow we are getting into the fun stuff! There are two way to add images OR “media” to your WordPress blog. The first way is to add it to your media library and the second is to add it from the post. I will show you each version. Additionally, I will show you how to quickly edit your image sizes from your WordPress post or page.

I. How to add Images to your Media Library

Step 1:

Click on the “Media” button on your left navigation.

Wordpress Media Library


Step 2:

Here you will see all of your images that you have on your website. For our purposes what you want to do is click on “Add New” that is found on the top of the page.

WordPress Add New button

Step 3:

You can then either drag & drop the images into the box that pops up OR you will have the ability to click on the “Select Files” button and pick which images you would like to upload.

wordpress media library drag and drop

Step 4:

The images will upload and show up below the file box.

step 4


Once the image is uploaded you can click on it and you will be able to either:

a. Use the link in your website. Not recommended if you don’t know HTML code.

step 4b

b. Add the image to your page or post directly without having to re-upload it. I will show you this part in Part 2.

Part 2:How to Add Images to your WordPress from your Page or Post

Step 1:

Navigate to the page or post that you would like to add images too. If you need a guide on posts and pages I wrote a pretty detailed guide on adding content to your WordPress website. click here to read it.

Step 2:

Once you’re on the Page or Post you want to add content too, then Click on “Add Media”. It is right above the content area.

II - step 2

Step 3:

Once you have clicked on “Add Media” you will get a popup box that gives you two tabs. The first tab is “Upload Files” and the second is “Media Library”.


a. Upload Files: This is the same as described in Part I. All you have to do is upload the files and you will be able to add the images. I will show you how in the next step. Once you have uploaded the image, the pop up box will switch the tab to the “Media Library” where you can select the file.


b. Media Library: If you already uploaded the files, then they will be in your “Media Library”. This is where you can actually pick the image.

Step 4:

Select the image from the Media Library that you want to put in the page.

II - step 4

Step 5:

Click on the insert into post button on the right. Note: If you are adding an image to a Page then it will say “Insert into page”, but don’t worry it is the same thing.

ii - step 5

You will see the image placed in your Page or Post area.


III. Alignments and Sizes: This is where I will show you how to change the alignment and the sizes of the images.

Step 1:

After you placed your image in your post click on it. You will see a box appear around the image.

III-step 1

Step 2:

If you hover your mouse over the box you will get a little resizing arrow. This is where you can adjust the size to fit your needs.

III-step 2


Note: Warning, DO NOT do this if you want to keep your image! If you added the wrong image then click on the image and then click on the “X” and it will delete the image from the post. It won’t delete the image from the website files.

III - step 3

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