How to Build a Hyper Niche for Your Content Marketing

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Hello DeClustered Marketing readers. I want to talk to you about Hyper Niches, whether you’ve heard about this or not, that’s another story. I was doing a lot of research and reading articles on “capturing your target audience”, and I came to the conclusion that my readers really need to know about this. The issue with taking anything that’s broad matched, is that everyone is already doing it! So, what the heck do you do? Let’s jump right in.

What is a Hyper-Niche

When it comes to content marketing, we all want to leverage the maximum potential for our market. In fact we want the most bang for our buck. I know what you’re thinking? “Alex, isn’t that why we went through all that persona stuff?” Yes, we did go through all that persona stuff, but it’s not something you should toss out. Think of it this way, the personas tell you how to speak to your audience and who they are and how to make them feel awesome. The hyper-niche allows you to even further target down and give you a much more targeted audience.

Here’s an example of how you really want to try to drill down into your target market:

Hyper-Niche for Content Marketing

Why would you want an even further targeted audience?

There is an immense amount of content being developed on a daily basis. I mean right now you’re reading some more content. The world is getting seriously flooded with content and you’re just going to add more? How are you even going to cut through all of the junk? The fact is that you won’t. I’m not saying that you’re not an amazing marketing person or have a guru or someone amazing there to help you get there. What I’m saying is that you may take a long time to get to where you really want to go.

Here are the 5 steps on how to find your Hyper-Niche

Remember that you’re not going to toss out the personas, you’re simply taking a closer look into who these people really are. You may even need to make some modifications to the personas you have, which I do suggest.

Step 1 Overview: Take a 30,000-foot view of your market. What is the extreme broad view of the market. Do you understand what exact market you’re targeting? If you don’t, then this is the time to really go back and look through who exactly is your Persona group.

Step 2 Drill down to a sub niche: In the above example I took pet diets as a sub-niche. It’s a great niche, so I want you to really pull out your magnifying glass and think of what can you further drill down into.

Step 3 the Hyper-Niche: When you’re looking into your sub-niche, you’re going to find that there are a group of people, maybe even one or two personas from your laundry list of them, that spend money and time on it the hyper-niche.

Step 4 Research: You want to make sure that there is information out there and that there is an actual group and not something you made up in your head. You want to look for forums, books, YouTube videos any social media location that will give you a heads up on the people and even will allow you to create information on it. Make sure that you take notes. The best thing you can do is actually find products or services around the niche. There might not be a lot of competition, but that’s how you can really differentiate yourself and take dominance in the market.

Step 5 Cleaning out Your Personas: Yes, you have to take some time to make some modifications to the personas. Why? You might have had a bit of a broader sub-niche that you focused your personas on. What you want to do is really make sure that these people fit what you need.


I hope that this blog was helpful and that you can really gain some amazing results from the information that I provided. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or email me at, I would be more than happy to help you get to where you want to be.

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