What are Personas? And How do they impact marketing?

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by Alex Mangrolia

Think of personas as personalities, in fact that’s what they are. Personas in a way categories people’s thoughts and behaviors into some method of how they might think behave and act.

How do personas impact your marketing?

By understanding what people are thinking or how your potential buyers are thinking you gain an edge on your competition. In marketing any edge you have, is an advantage to capture more market share. Overall, think of it like knowing a general idea of the lottery numbers before they are even out. You might not hit it all the time, but at least you know what numbers not to pick.

blog-personas-300x300The 4 Types of Personas:

Okay this does fall into the realm of marketing psychology, but I’m still going to cover the very basics here in Marketing 101 and put this article as the first link to marketing psychology. Why? This is just something that everyone needs to know.
There are many different theories on buying personalities, but I’m going to cover a set that has 4 personalities.
The four personalities are Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic and Methodical.

Competitive Personas:

These are the people who do not like to lose. They find the thrill in competition. They are businesslike, power-oriented, logical, quick decision makers. They are actually very disciplined people, think of your athletes. Athletes are goal oriented, controllers.
These people will ask: “What can this solution do for me?”
Your Approach should be: Provide options, probabilities & challenges.

Spontaneous Personas:

These are your quick buyers. You know when you walk down the store to checkout and you see all these thousands of candy bars and items just laying out there. That’s for these people. They are personal, activity-oriented, emotional, quick decision makers.
These people will ask: Why is your solution best for the problem?
Your approach should be: Address value & provide assurances and credibility. Provide credible testimonials rather than options. Offer a form of immediate gratification where appropriate.

Humanistic Personas:

These are the people that think of others before their own needs, these people are personal, relationship-oriented, emotional, deliberate decision makers. Think of that one awesome soccer mom that treats all the kids equally OR someone you know that just genuinely cares about other people.
These people are typically undisciplined and slow-paced. You cannot rush these people or you will lose a sale or conversion.
These people will ask: Who has used your solution to solve my problem? Who will your solution impact besides me?
Your approach should be: Offer Testimonials! Also, tell the visitor of the website who you are as a company! These people need that connection with you as a company, not just as a product.

Methodical Personas:

These are the engineers of the world. They have a method and they are very detail-oriented, logical, deliberate decision makers. These people are slow-paced and need all of their “t’s” crossed and “i’s” dotted.
These people will ask: How can your solution truly solve the problem? Is this solution permanent or is this a quick fix?
Your approach should be: Provide hard evidence and superior service. You have to be patient with these people or you will lose the sale. So, if you have a short fuse, then avoid these personas.
There you have it the four personas. Like I said, there are a lot of other persona theories and methodologies out there. This is just to get your feet wet.
Did I miss something? Or do you need some more clarity? Well get that mouse clicking and fingers typing and Contact me!
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