Removal of Marketing Silos

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by Alex Mangrolia

marketing-silos1There are many companies that I run into that have marketing silos. These silos are a serious detriment to their marketing and even could damage their company brand.

What is a Marketing Silo?

Think of a Silo as a separate department that doesn’t talk to each other. It’s like the left hand doesn’t talk to the right, if hands had mouths that it. I’m sure you have run into companies like this. These a companies that are typically some type of billing department. The billing department has no clue what the marketing department is doing or what any other department is doing. It is the same way in marketing. Companies begin to isolate their SEO, social media, online advertising and sales people.

What’s wrong with some separation?

Think of marketing as a communicative whole. I always preach to my clients that you have to think of marketing as a whole complete strategy and not as individual events. Each department needs to know what each of the other marketing departments are doing. Otherwise the SEO department is trying to rank the keyword “xyz”, but social media is pushing “abc” while online ads are working on “cde”. Do you see the disconnect?

How do you fix this a Marketing Silo?

First break down the barriers of communication between departments. If you have managers managing each department then go out there and get them in a room. Tell them to discuss ALL of their secrets, yes ALL of them! They each need to know

  • what what campaign each are pushing
  • when they are doing the campaign
  • what the results of the campaign were

This will allow a much larger range of collaborative efforts in order to push the marketing for a company from all fronts as a unified effort.

Do you need to get more information and a move on your business quick, and I haven’t provided this information to you on this website? Well contact me! I promise I won’t bite and I’ll do what I can to help you out!
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