What is Marketing?

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What is Marketing? by Alex Mangrolia507698-1804-10

Everyone says “I need more marketing, I need more sales”, but what is it? If you ask a million marketing people what marketing is, you’ll probably get almost a million variations of the concept. In a simple definition of it and from Google itself…thanks Google!

noun: marketing
    1. the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

So, overall it is how you promote your business. There is a distinction, marketing is NOT sales, yes it can lead to sales. Marketing helps promote your business, bring awareness of a product and takes someone down the marketing funnel. Sometimes, that funnel ends by someone purchasing products (for those of you interested in eCommerce marketing), but not all the time. When does it not end in sale? If you generate a lead or a call based around the multi-channel marketing efforts you put out, that is where marketing awareness ends and the sales begins.

Whoa…what the heck is a “multi-Channel marketing“…Don’t worry, I will explain everything…

Multi-channel marketing is the marketing practice of using different outlets in order to reach customers. For example, you might have customers that are addicted to Facebook, thus you could easily reach them with your marketing message by using Facebook marketing strategies.

What are the different multi-channels available?

This is like trying to tell rabbits not to multiply…but here is a good breakdown for you:

Internet Marketing Channels:

  • Online Advertising: I will get really in-depth with this later down the line, but as promised, no aneurysms here just keep this as a main category.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Websites: This is where SEO comes into play
  • Mobile
  • eMail Marketing

Some Traditional, but semi-effective Multi-Channel Strategies

  • Direct Mail: yes, this is dying, but people still use it! It does come in handy sometimes, but the returns are diminishing.
  • TV
  • Radio

Why do Cross-Channel Marketing? 

I will get into target marketing and demographics later, so to jump into this, it allows you to essentially reach more of your target market. If you isolate your marketing efforts, you may not be able to reach everyone that you want to reach. You want avoid silos. What the heck is a silo? This is when you separate different departments and don’t let them talk to each other. Always remember, that marketing has to be a completely cohesive method, it has to blend with the right mix.


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