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alexmangrolia_wI walked into a board room one day, with a report in my hands, not just any report…this report was 250 pages of pure statistical data and a full-fledged marketing plan. The plan outlined what to do, what not to do, brand strategies, SWOT analysis, and the whole mess of stuff that would never be read…EVER! We might have well used it as a doorstop. I handed the client the report and he flipped through it and asked “So, how do I fix my business and get more leads? What is SEO? What is Social Media? Why am I investing in this? I read these blogs and there’s a lot to it, can’t you just get my phones to ring?…on and on went the questions, it was mind numbing…How can I get more sales?”

To me, it’s in the plan, but to the client he was thinking “what the heck is this? “I don’t understand a dang thing of this internet world” & “What the heck is a CTR?”

It hit me like of ton of bricks…the client might as well have thrown that beast of a report at my head and told me to shove off.

Reports and information are meaningless to someone who just wants results and don’t understand what is going on, especially if they hired you to do the job.

Why am I telling you this story?

A lot of businesses just don’t know the first thing about digital marketing, they go off of a few hundred blogs, try it and when it doesn’t work, they quit and try going back to their old ways, they hire someone and it doesn’t work because they don’t understand and try another ten guys and still nothing is happening, OR they tried marketing with someone, but that person left and who knows where those passwords are at. Sound like you? Then you are in the right place.

There is a lot of information out on the internet about marketing, I mean tons and tons and tons. Enough to probably make you go completely insane by just reading everything in the world…trust me…I know, I’m the one up at 4am reading my feedly, listening to a couple hundred podcasts throughout the day and reading the next “BIG” thing in marketing at night, before bed. Why can’t you do the same? Well you could, or you could run your business…and if you plan to do so, then let me know, we’ll exchange notes.

But! For those of you with lives outside of spending every waking hour trying to figure out Google, ads, social media, etc…read on.

What makes this different? I created DeClustered Marketing for the sole purpose of allowing a small business owners to understand what runs through a marketers head and to frankly Do-It-Yourself, but NOT get overwhelmed by all the things that are out in the market. I wanted to make this all so easy to understand that anyone could read a blog and have some implementable actions that they could do to aid their business. I’m talking about the extreme basics, if you ever get confused by my blog, then tell me and I will go back and fix the information. This is made as an ongoing instructional blog for small business owners who are seriously confused and needs help on the basics to advanced digital marketing. This site is simply designed to DeCluster all of the digital-SEO-Social-Online Advertising brain aneurysm giving nightmare of what we call marketing.

I hope you enjoy and find it extremely beneficial for your business.

Best regards,

Alex Mangrolia
DeClustered Marketing


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