How to pick the right hosting plan

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web-hosting-headerOkay so I always get asked this question, “how do people get to my website? What do you mean by hosting?”…

Let me break this down to you. Think of your domain url, that’s the whole “”  as your home address. This is how people know where to go when they punch the address into their browser. Think of the hosting as the land your house sits on, this is where the contractors (in this case the website designers) know where to put your house.

I also get this question asked: “I got this coming soon page from Godaddy, so I have hosting, why do I need more hosting?”

For anyone reading this, please take a serious note here…that’s not hosting. It’s just Godaddy’s way of putting something up on  your site as a courtesy so you don’t look like a nothing site. Hosting actually entails you to have space a server.

Okay…so what type of hosting do you really need?

I would highly recommend linux hosting with cPanel. If you’re going to be using Godaddy, I highly recommend them (No they don’t pay me to say that, I just love their customer support). Here is what you want to do:


  2. Check out their plans. They have some really inexpensive plans available. Right now their plans run about 7.49/mo. Which is actually really inexpensive, this could change in the future.

    godaddy hosting plans

  3. Once you select a plan add it to your cart.

    godaddy hosting plan step 2

  4. You want to make sure that the following is correct:
    1. Pick your plan type: Make sure that you have the right thing. Right now you can see that we have Ultimate – Hosting multiple websites + SSL. Okay what does it mean by “multiple websites”. Suppose you’re a nut like me and has a few domains and websites. You want to actually have the capability to host several websites in one hosting, this way you don’t pay for multiple plans. Yes, it is possible, but not if you’re doing SEO stuff (I just don’t recommend it and I will tell you more about this later). In any case this is an option for you. I like it really for the extra boost of tools and $7.49/mo won’t break the bank.

      pick your plan type

    2. Select your term: Okay this is where it gets tricky, it’s $7.49 for the first month OR based upon the term you pick. Most people think that it’s $7.49/mo. and decide to go for a month to month option, then they realize that they are paying $14.99/mo. As you can see below there are payment options. If you have the money, I would just say go get it for 12 months and save 50%. It will cost you about $90, but well worth it where you don’t have to remember every month that you have a $14.99 bill coming your way to keep your website up. Trust me, you don’t want your website to go down, it just makes your company look small and yes you can have a big presence with even a one-man show.

      select your term

    3. Choose an operating system: As you can see below you have an option to pick “Linu with cPanel control panel” or you have the option to pick “windows with cPanel”. I’m going to be writing this entire guide based on Linux. I just like how Linux works and I feel that it is a better system overall (I won’t get into the technical details here, this is a guide for beginners).

      choose an operating system

    4. Protect your site from hackers & malware: Oh yes, they have those hackers out there, not to be confused with growth hacking (two completely different things). Just as your computer can get viruses and malware, so can your website. Why? Well think of your website being held on a different computer network, basically a large number of computers that are all linked up. I would recommend that you purchase it, it doesn’t hurt for $17.88/year. Sure, Godaddy support can kind of help you. I have had it once where the Godaddy team did help me recover some sites, but on other occasions I had to go file by file to do an entire cleanup on my own. So, save the pain and trouble and just purchase it for $17.88/year, it’s like life insurance it’s just there for “Just in case”.

      protect from hackers and malware

  5. Checkout: Okay so you got to the “checkout” screen. All you have to do here is follow the step-by-step to checkout. If you followed the “how to pick your domain” step, you should have a domain previously setup here, so you can just enter your customer number and password and you’re off to the races.

returning cusotmer or new


Picking up hosting isn’t hard, you just need to make sure that you get something that you need. You want to make sure that you are getting the right thing, so in case your website developer tells you to purchase something different, you can go with Linux hosting. Please note, just because you have a “coming soon page” from Godaddy, doesn’t mean you have hosting (I’m telling you this again, because I get this asked of me about a million times a year).

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