SEO Basics Part 5 – Content Marketing & Link Building

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alexmangrolia_wThere are really no guarantees when it comes to SEO. The ONLY guarantee that will find is that there are no guarantees. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing on a daily basis. Thus, it makes it difficult to predict how links will be impacted. The key to this is to have your content. If all else fails, you will always have amazing content that people will share, link to and promote.

Google invests in a lot of technologies to find which website is the most authoritative about the searchers queries. One way that Google does this is by links. Links still do make an impact on Google’s algorithm and thus, they are still required for your website. Yes, it is the most labor intensive thing you will do, but you have to do it. There are no software or shortcuts to doing it. By the way, if you thought that you could just get one of those cheap products that say “get on the top of Google in 10 days”, really? Google has a ton of PhDs and data analyst to know all these tricks. It’s like taking “diet” pills and hoping that you’ll lose weight.

Link building is an extremely in-depth subject matter, but here are just the very raw basics on using your obtaining links and promoting your content to obtain links.

Things you want to avoid:

  • Websites from completely unrelated topics
  • Link farms or link stuffed content
  • Websites with huge, link stuffed “footer”
  • Poorly written websites, using what appears to be machine generated
  • Domains banned by Google
  • Websites with link selling keywords on them like “free links” or “3000 links for $15”
  • Multiple websites all having the same IP address
  • Multiple websites all owned by the same person or company
  • Websites using artificial patterns of identical anchor text

What You Want to Look For in Links:

This can get extremely complicated, but here is the gist of it. You want to look for quality sites to get links from. You can find this by looking at MOZ’s toolbar from Google Chrome Store. This tool is amazing, it will tell you how much authority the domain and page the site really has.

  • mozTrust (mT):
    mT is a metric focused more on quality rather than quantity. It sums up for a webpage the trust of its referrers determining thus its own trustworthiness
  • Page Authority (PA):
    PA is meant to aggregate all the other SEO metrics into one and to reflect how prone/promising a page is for high rankings, considering only its link profile.
  • Domain Authority (DA):
    DA is PA calculated for the entire domain and has a better correlation with rankings than PA.

Social Popularity: With the number of social signals that have been influencing Google, you really want to find a REAL website that has a lot of social buzz going on. Plus, this could be a really good boost on traffic from the website’s social media. Think of it this way, the website references a post with your link on it, then shares it with their social media. From that single sharing of information, you might just get some awareness and traffic.

My Content Marketing & Link Building Strategy

I always was always concerned about link building and manipulating Google. Let’s face it, Google has smarter people than myself working for them. What do I do? I work on creating content for my readers, content that is so amazing that others have to just reference it in their blog post or their next article. What can you do with the content?

  • Guest Blog:
    Let me be extremely clear here right off the bat. You’re not trying to gain links from this strategy. You have to be extremely careful about guest blogging. Matt Cutts head of Google’s webspam team did mention that Google took down several major blog networks, indicating that they were very serious about penalizing spammy guest blogs. You’re trying to gain awareness and traffic. In fact, your blog should seriously provide relevant and amazing content that will truly uplift someone’s business or help them. I’m not saying you won’t ever get links, but you’re better off not gaming a system for links.
  • Make infographics
    Infographics are highly informative graphical images. These solve issues and can be used to obtain links. They aren’t as effective as they used to be. You can utilize several infographic distribution networks in order to share your infographic. Here’s a list of some of them:

    Website URL PR Registration Required Follow/No Follow Link 7 Yes Follow
    Slideshare 7 Yes Link to website on profile is No Follow
    Infographics Showcase 5 No Follow – (anchor text = name)
    Infographics Archive 5 No Follow – (anchor text = url)
    Reddit 4 Yes No Follow
    NerdGraph 4 No Follow – (anchor text = url)
    Love Infographics 4 Yes No Follow
    Submit Infographics 4 No Follow – (anchor text = name)


  • Get Active on Social Media:
    Wait I know what you’re thinking. “How can being on social media give me links?”. Remember the more you share your information, the more someone will find it and read it. If you really want to obtain links then you have to get serious about your social media strategy.

    • Post Links to your articles on every social media network you are a part of
    • Link to the relevant LinkedIn and Google+ groups & communities. (Note: Make sure you read the Google+ community rules first!)
    • Submit your posts to Reddit, Stumbleupon,


    If you have amazing content and promote your content you can have a quick way of obtaining links.
    Share this information with everyone you know! If you have any questions, please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

About Alex Mangrolia
My passion is Internet marketing in the SEO, SEM & Social Media marketing space. I love creating cutting edge strategies, generate traffic and leads. My unending thirsts for knowledge and personal growth give me the drive to continual improve & perform.

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