How to Setup and Install WordPress cPanel Hosting in Godaddy

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best-web-hosting-creanosysWe have finally gotten all of the elements of your website ready to go! Now we have to actually install WordPress in the hosting. Let’s get started!






Step 1: Login to your Godaddy account


Step 2: scroll down and click on Web Hosting

click on Web Hosting

Step 3: Click on the green launch button. Two options here

click on the green launch button

Option A: No cPanel or Domain Assignment

If you don’t have your website assigned to your hosting then it will show this Orange “Set Up” button on the hosting instead of a green launch button. Click on the orange setup button and you will see a pop-up box to assign a domain to it. This will take several minutes to setup.

Set Up Your cPanel Account:

(this account is different. The great thing about cPanel is that you can give other developers access to it without giving away your Godaddy login details).
cpanel setup your account

  1. Select a domain from your account: This is something we already purchased. If you don’t have a domain, then go back a few lessons and learn to purchase one.
  2. cPanel details (Create you cPanel login credentials): Here is a very important note, Make sure you save your username & passwords somewhere secure! Godaddy’s cPanel does have the following requirements for usernames. It has a different set for passwords. The key here is to make sure that all the circles highlight green with a checkbox.

username criteria

You want to make sure you use something like in order to generate you passwords. It does make a world of a difference in terms of security.

When you’re done, click finish and it will take a few moments to get your account setup!


Option B: cPanel & Domain Assigned and Setup Already

If you already have the domain assigned to the hosting. Click on the Green Launch button and go directly to your cPanel. Then simply continue to Step 4, the actual WordPress installation.

Step 4: Your cPanel

Your cPanel will look like the image below, but don’t get overwhelmed here.


cPanel example

Step 5: Click on “WordPress”

step 5 click on wordpress button

Step 6: “Intsall This Application”

You will arrive at a screen that looks like the one below. Click on the orange “Install This Application”.

step 6 install application screen

Step 7 – WordPress Installation:

Godaddy has done a great job in highlighting the steps and telling you what each section is for. Since we have our main domain name (URL) setup for this specific cPanel hosting, then we won’t need to change much on it.

step 7

Step 8 – Settings:

Scroll down to where you see “Settings” on your right. This is where you will once again enter in your username and passwords. Make a note of the username and passwords! If you don’t you will cry!

step 8 settings

Step 9 –Install:

Yes, just click that grey Install button! That’s it! It will take a few moments to get ready! Now you’ve successfully installed wordpress on a Godaddy cPanel hosting account.

step 9 install button

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