The 5th Principle of Persuasion: Liking in Content Marketing

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Hello DCM readers! Yes, I know that I’ve been gone for a few weeks since I posted, what can I say? I got busy with life and so I do apologize to all my readers. I will make sure that you still have juicy content regularly going forward.

In the past several blogs I was talking about how the principles of persuasion by Robert Cialdini can be applied to your content marketing efforts.

We have finally come to the 5th principle, the principle of Liking! I’m going to break down the three principles that make someone “Like” you and that will allow them to say “Yes” to you much more often.  This principle applies much more too social media than to just content marketing. Yes, the two are related, but I’m going to approach this from a social media methodology.

What is the Principle of Liking?

Briefly put, people like to say “Yes!” to people that they like.

What causes one person to “Like” another?

There are three important factors. We like people who…

  1. People who are similar to us.

In the study, there were two groups of MBA students. The first group was told that time was money and to get right down to business. 55% of the first group was able to come to an agreement.

The second group was asked to first share some personal information then negotiate. 90% of the second group was able to come to an agreement.  Simply by sharing something similar!

Take for example your friends. You have friends that are like you in some way shape or form. You get along with them, because you have something in common. If you didn’t, then would you really be friends with the person? In the digital world, you could see this as way to build connections with like-minded people or communities. There are a lot of sites that have this community oriented structure. Here are some examples:

i. Facebook groups
ii. Google Communities
iv. LinkedIn Groups

If you take the people that are in these groups, then you can find one that truly resonates with you and how you do business. I’m sure that you will even find people who share similar beliefs and values.

How to integrate the 1st factor into content marketing

Find similar groups that share a similar belief. In terms of your business don’t go out to find people who do the same business as you do, but find similar beliefs. If you are a single parent, then find a single parent business group to join. If you are a work at home person, then find a work at home group. There are millions of groups out there; you just have to find one that has a similarity to you. Now, share your content with these people and see how well that it resonates with them.

  1. People who pay us compliments: I’m sure that you didn’t make your friends by telling them that they had a face like a horse. Well, in order to build a real connection with people, you have to be nice to them. In social media, you’re not dealing with the computer; you’re dealing with a real person.

How to integrate the 2nd factor into social media?

Connections are important! In social media you have to find the major influencers and connect with them. Not just on a transactional level. If they write something, you have to go out and reply back to them and truly make sure that you can build a real connection. Start off by finding the major influencers and replying back with a compliment on their latest blog post. Eventually, you will build up their trust and respect. Next time you post some information to your blog, they might just send it to their followers.

  1. People who cooperate with us to accomplish mutual goals: I’m sure that you are aware of all of those nonprofit organizations? How come they have hundreds of thousands of people supporting them? It’s because they have a single mutual goal. They want to do something amazing in this world. I’m not saying that you have to go out and start a nonprofit organization, but we can drill this concept down into something that would work for your business.

How to Integrate the 3rd factor into social media?

Find groups that share a similar belief and goal to you and your business goals. If your business is dedicated around helping kids get better educated, then share your content to these groups and really try to forge a connection between these people in the groups and communities.


By finding people like you from social media, you could easily grow your social presence exponentially. I hope that this blog helped you grow your business and got the gears in your head turning.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with your friends, family, coworkers and social media channels.

Best regards,


Alex Mangrolia
DeClustered Marketing


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