The Law of Persuasion 6: Consensus in Content Marketing

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Hello DCM readers!

We have finally come to the last law of persuasion, consensus. This has to be one of my favorite laws, simply because you don’t have to work so hard in order to persuade people. You simply need to have some well-phrased information and there you have it! The media uses this law constantly and you should too, especially in your content marketing efforts. Did I get your attention? Keep reading.

What is the Persuasion Law of Consensus?

Briefly stated, when people don’t know what to do or they have confusion in their minds, they will do what the rest of the population’s doing.

You probably have noticed that most hotels leave a note on in their bathrooms that state the benefits of reusing the towels for environmental protection. With the note, 35% of the guests reuse their towels.

The issue is that 75% guests that stay in a hotel for 4 nights or longer will reuse their towels at some points. The study shows that when taking a the information into account and placing a card that stated “75% of our guests reuse their towels, so please do so as well”, the towel reuse went up by 26%.

Now to take the study a step further, the study went and wrote the on the card “75% of people who stayed in THIS ROOM reused their towels”. You would think that this information would have no impact on what you do, but the reality is that by pointing out a fact that what most comparable guests have done was the single most effective method to towel reuse. The new sign raised towel reuse by 33%!

What Does The Science Say?

Instead of relying on our own information, we can simply point to others on what they are already doing, especially many other similar others.

Where will you see this information typically?

You will notice this technique used in the news a lot! They will always have some study or other that says “most Americans…XYZ%”. The funny thing is that people will eventually feel that they too might need to do the same.

How to Use the Rule of Consensus for Content Marketing?

The best way to do this is to include some relevant persona based statistics in your content. I’m not saying to just go out and blab about your product and state “ 75% of the people who use our products get xyz results”. We want to  provide value in content marketing, not simply shill. Also, don’t tell people outright, “you’re part of my persona 1 and 80% of these people use my products”.

What you want to do is state relevant information that applies to your persona types. So, if you have a persona that has work from home single mom’s, then you want to say something that would appeal to them and apply a study that actually resonates with them. For example, a 25% of stay at home mom’s do xyz in order to relieve stress.


Applying a relevant study to your content marketing will allow your information to be much more relevant to the persona that you are targeting.

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