Why Content Marketing Fails

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Hello DeClustered Marketing readers, I always get asked “Hey Alex, if I write a lot I will sell a lot right?” Well, the answer is yes and no. You truly have to understand how people search and look at the internet. Your content has to bring an impact in their life and really truly be relevant and something of quality. I came accross this awesome presentation by Rand Fishkin from Moz.com. I really loved how it was presented here and thought that this could really bring some value to the readers. Below is the SlideShare presentation of how content marketing really works.

For my readers out there who don’t care to decipher a SlideShare presentation here are my thoughts…

Have you ever wonder why you get little or no result for your content marketing efforts? Despite the fact that you invest with the best of intentions and also launch out with excitement, yet the outcome is not really impressive? Why would your content marketing fail? Knowing the reasons behind your content marketing efforts would help to know what pitfalls to avoid in your content marketing efforts. In this article, we would be examining five reasons why your content marketing efforts fail. Here we go!

Believing Myths about Content Marketing

Many Internet Marketers believe many myths flying around about content marketing. Some will tell you to follow popular people in the social media. Sign up for their newsletter. Post contents on your profile randomly and bombard your audience with loads of information. Content marketing done this way is bound to fail over and over again. Why? It is simply because it lacks the most important substance – connection of web audience.

Building relationship and rapport with your audience should be first and foremost be your priority. Many would like to sell to their first time visitors. The tendency that someone will buy from is very slim because no trust had been established and confidence level may be zero.

Your contents whether in the social media or in your web pages must connect your readers in order to convert them to audience. Web audiences are eager to see you publish new contents. These would be more than willing to follow through any call to action because they have become loyal to you.

A Smart content marketer would not attempt to sell to first time visitors. Instead, they attempt to establish a long-term relationship with them. Set the right obligation with your team and clients. Every visit is a chance to build relationship and trust.

Building Content without Community

Many marketers think the content goes viral and spread quickly because it is really good. That assertion may be very far from the truth. Content does not necessarily receive wide acceptance and spread far because of its quality but basically because it inspires a community.

Posting of quality content without a community of people who cherish the content amounts to a waste precious time. Your content must be aimed at providing a solution to the problem of a community.

Quality content would perform when there is a community behind it. Your content must either reinforce a belief or refutes an opposing argument. Only some content has ever gone viral without having a community behind it.

Before you create and post contents, you must be able to determine the set of people that would support and amplify the content. Your content must provide a solution for a group of people.

Don’t just Invest in Content Creation but also in its Promotion

For your content to reach its potential, it must reach the group of people relevant to your content. Hence, you must embark on profitable ways of promoting your content to the right audience. There are three ways to achieve amplification of your content for maximum exposure. These include Broadcast, Outreach and Paid promotions.

Broadcast often refer to sharing your content on social media, email or through events. Outreach is spread your content one on one through social media, email or in person. Paid promotion can be done in diverse ways such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, Yahoo sponsored posts etc.


One of the most powerful sharing channels is SlideShare. Content Promotion is not something to be done and forgotten. You are to improve on your promotion efforts from time to time. Tips on improving your content marketing promotion include finding successful content on the net and you should go beyond social media to achieve this feat. Copy what is working for people and replicate their methods to see what will work for you

Don’t Ignore Content Most Powerful Channel: Search Engine Optimization

Many claim search engine traffic is dead because of the advent of social media. This is further from the truth. SEO is critical to your content marketing success if you do it the right way. Google search has become massive in recent years.

You can position your content to receive enormous traffic from search engines. This can be done by SEO. SEO is very wide to exhaust in this article. It includes on-page and off-page SEO. Your content should be written with right keyword density to make it accessible to a community that will find the content relevant to them.

Don’t Give up too soon!

Success in content marketing may not happen overnight. Every effort would count when you persevere until you reach your content marketing goals. Failure is not final and success is never ending. You might experience some downfalls in your content marketing efforts. But do not stop when you are only three feet from gold. You would never know how close you are to success if you give up. SO, be discouraged because the traffic is very small. Continue doing the right thing. The ray of success is just around the corner. Remain steadfast until you reach your goals and when you hit the jackpot of traffic, your perseverance would definitely pay off.

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